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I am modeling a structure in which during the analysis the mechanical properties of some reinforcements must change. I am trying to use the command 'Reinforcement inactivity for line' but it seems to work just for the first reinforcement that I want to change, if I try to apply this command to more than one bar the analysis is stopped and the software returns an error message. Could you give me more details to use this function in the right way? I have already checked in the troubleshooting manuals and in ATENA's examples, but I found only an example in which the properties were changed to just one cable.

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Hi Dario,
Let me check the model smile

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Re: Reinforcement inactivity for line


First of all, you defined initial material activity at 3rd interval in material properties and you assigned Reinforcement Inactivity for the same bars in the same interval 3. I tried to change Reinf Inacctivity to interval 4 and still it gives error at interval 4 when reinf inactivity should act.

Also I strongly recommend you not to use space in names of GiD projects. I remember that it caused some problems in my past projects.

I tried even directly copying materials from sample model BondCabel_Injected and applying those materials to your model but it doesn't help. I still get this error at the step when Reinf Inactivity is active:

(Thread 1) CCInpFExc: Syntax error reading ATENA input, line: 2864, file: D:\Documents\ATENA\DLM\Test_PO2_change_section.gid\AtenaCalculation\Test_PO2_change_section.inp, data being processed:
 4.7826e-03  2.2500e-02  
Source line: 244, file: ..\..\Sources\CCFunction\CCMultiLinearFunction\CCMultiLinearFunction_Misc.cpp, last modified at: Thu Nov 19 15:59:32 2015

I think that it's better developers have a look at your model.

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Dear Dario,
this message typically means your function definition has values in wrong order - the X axis values have to be sorted lowest to highest, see Troubleshooting, 2.4.9 CCInpFExc: Syntax error reading ATENA input, line: N, file: ...


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Dear Dobromil,

There is no such mistake. Moreover, as I wrote above, I tried using materials "cable 1" and "cable 2" from a sample project and it didn't help. It seems there is another type of problem. This error only happens when inactivity for reinforcement is defined.