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Dear All,

I am modelling pull out test. Concrete block is retrained against any movement.

To get global L-D diagram, where should I place my displacement monitor. Since concrete block is not giving any displacement because of constraints provided.

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Dear ali, it is not clear from your message if you have already read ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.2.12How can I model a pull-out experiment? The usual position for a displacement monitor is on the elastic "wrap" around the bar end being pulled.


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Yes I followed Atena trouble shooting manual.

Please have a look at my L-D and monitors in below link, Am I doing the things correctly. … LsxuuMYsGM

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Dear ali,
if you seek advice regarding your particular model, please follow Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 to send us the model etc.

You may also be interested in Troubleshooting, A monitoring point shows no value, the program gives me an error on reading a monitor value or/and 2.2.19 How can I monitor a surface (or line) load?

Moreover, Monitor for Point Nearest Node IP might be an interesting option for you.

In any case, it is important to place the monitors in your analysis as close as possible to real gauge positioning.