Topic: Creep model in ATENA 3D


I am trying out a loaned ATENA to use for both my PHD and some real world engineering problems. I need to use your creep models, but they are not selectable from the materials selection. Is there something I am missing as an inexperienced user or is it something else?

Thank you for your time

Re: Creep model in ATENA 3D

Creep analysis can not be started directly from the ATENA 3D preprocessor so far. You may use GiD as preprocessor, or, if you do not have GiD and the GiD DEMO limitations are too restricting for your problem, you may save a static input file from the 3D preprocessor (Data-Save inp files) and edit the .inp according to the ATENA Input File Format manual and looking into an example input file with creep (if you can not find one in the ATENA or Aena GiD installation, we can send you some).

Re: Creep model in ATENA 3D

Thank you for your reply. I see a creep tutorial in my folders, so I'll get started with that.