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I'm a new user of ATENA. I am struggling to figure out how to apply the Body Force load case i.e. adding dead weight to my model. I am modelling a prestressed beam + uniform load, and I have added my load cases as follows, and I am not getting the correct results:

LC1: Supports
LC2: Body Force (all entities are loaded)
LC3: Prestressing
LC4: Forces

Run-> Analysis Steps

Load Case: 1-2
Multiplier: e.g 0.2
Load Steps: e.g 5
(0.2 x 5 = 1.0 of body force)

Load Case: 1,3
Multiplier: e.g 0.2
Load Steps: e.g 5

Load Case: 1,4
Multiplier: e.g 0.2
Load Steps: e.g 5

If this is incorrect, kindly provide guidance on how to apply the body force load case, or an alternative way of including dead weight.

Re: Loading - Body Force

Dear aliciarohr,
1. it is not clear which of the ATENA Program(s) you are using - Engineering 2D, Engineering 3D, Science with GiD and ATENA Studio?

2. The step definitions seem to make sense. For basic related information, you may wish to see ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.2.15 How to model a load combination, e.g., a constant vertical force during horizontal displacement applied until failure?

3. How are the convergence errors? See also Troubleshooting, 2.1.19 Problems reaching convergence and understanding ATENA convergence parameters and 2.4.2 I get the message "The execution is killed due to violation of stop iteration criteria", what does it mean?

4. If you still can not make your model work as needed, please follow Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 to send us your latest model along with some sketches etc.


Re: Loading - Body Force

Hi dpryl

I am working in ATENA 3d, and I have fixed the issue - thank you.