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How can you model a periodic condition?
I read in the Documentation that one can manually change the distance of master/slave connection and that this would be helpful to model a periodic boundary.
Still I dont quite know how to exactly model a periodic boundary. What are the steps?

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Re: periodic condition

To simulate periodic condition it is possible to use the COMPLEX SUPPORT
This however has to be defined manually in the input file. For more details
please see
the chapter With this condition you can define that a certain
degree of freedom
is a linear combination of others.

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Re: periodic condition

Hello Mohamad,

thanks for your quick answer!
you are referring to chapter in which specific document?

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Re: periodic condition


Re: periodic condition

Dear sizi, in ATENA-GiD, you can apply M-S conditions even to distant surfaces (or lines or points), which is usually the easiest way to apply a periodic condition. Just do not forget you need to define a M-S distance for the particular M-S connection at the Global Options tab of Problem Data, such that the distant surfaces can be connected.