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Dear Mr. Pryl,

(i) I am using Atena 3D for modelling concrete composite slabs. I am using CC3Dnonlinear material model for modelling concrete. I would like to know the constitutive modelling adopted for CC3Dnonlinear material model under compression. In this regard, I referred Atene Theory manual section 2.2.4. It was mentioned in theory manual that the elliptical ascending part is given by equation 2.57. The notations used in the equation are not clear and it does not matches with Fig.2.21. Kindly clarify the same and also provide any published reference for the same. 

(ii) Whether the material model CC3Dnonlinear uses equivalent uniaxial stress-strain law similar to sbeta model?. The notation used in Fig.2.4 are not matching with Fig. 2.21. Please clarify the same.

Re: CC3Dnonlinear material model-reg

Dear kanchana,
I.1. by saying that eq. 2.57 does not match with Fig. 2-21, do you just mean eps_c versus eps_c_p, or something else?

I.2. The references are included at the end of each ATENA Theory Chapter.

II.1. Fig. 2-4 is for SBETA, the figures in section 2.2.4 for the NLCementitious material model family.

II.2. Please note the material models are NOT based on stress-strain (except for the linear elastic parts), but crack opening and plastic displacement + crack band and crush band.

II.3. I understand you are interested in some specific region of the material model. Could you specify your interest such that we can answer (or direct you to the answer)?

II.4. You may be also interested in the utility New Material Driver, which is included in ATENA 5.7.0 (currently at beta testing stage, available to all users with valid maintenance upon request) and which allows you to apply any load history to a single material point, and plot the response.