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Dear Cervenka Team,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am a research associate at the University of Tabriz and I am using ATENA 5.9.0 along with GID 14.0.1. I aim to obtain the tension function for the UHPFRC using the “APIS FRC” option. My model is a 100X100X500 mm beam loaded under four-point loading. I have monitored the midspan deflection, maximum crack width along the bottom line of the beam and reaction values at the two steel plates.

The analysis finishes without a problem, I import the input and the target file, and launch the optimizer. Henceforth, I do not know what to do:

1- I can only choose one option from the load monitor section while I have two reactions, one at each loading plate and the reactions for these is not the same if unsymmetrical cracking occurs. What should I do in ATENA to have the summation of both reactions as in input in the “launch optimizer?

2- Not all the parameters are visible when the APIS FRC window is maximized.

3- When I import the monitor values for displacement, reaction from a single plate, and the maximum crack width that I have monitored along the bottom line of the beam and click “suggest next iteration” or “run FRC filter” I get the error “the input array was empty. Parameter name: array” and the application closes. I would be really grateful if you help me with my problem.

I have already emailed my model to you. I really appreciate your wonderful support.

Best regards,