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Dear zlzhang,
please see ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.2.19 How can I monitor a surface (or line) load?


Hello dpryl,
Thank you so much for your reply, I solve my problem. Still, I have a problem about the monitoring point. In my model, I made the seel plate surface resrained in z direction, and put the monitoring point on that surface to read the reaction force. Is the monitoring point represent the whole surface reaction or just for the single point ?


Dear zlzhang,
please follow Troubleshooting, 2.4.6 Floating point problems - Division by zero, Loss of >7 digits on the matrix diagonal, CCFEModelExc: CCPardiso solver error: zero pivot,  Warning: Sign of diagonal changed when reducing equation, Floating point exception: Multiple floating points traps, Zero or negative jacobian,  InvertA: zero determinant, CCMaterials Extended AExc: CC5ParamYield F: project_stress_on_f_division by zero, and similar.

If you still have problems/questions, see Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 for instructions to send us your model along with information about what you are modelling (description+sketches/photos).



I'm try to modeling a I section beam with shear force at the middle point. However the analysis failed at step 1. I already read the Troubleshooting 2.4.4. , still fail to solve the problem. Here is part of the informaiton I get.

(*)    Invalid master-slave BC, selections for master(s) $N$M402653188S603979797, for slave(s) $N$M402653191S603979823 : 42.2222% slave nodes could not be constrained as required, specified in support id: 1, load case id 738197511, name: VOLUME 402653191 SURFACE 603979823 to VOLUME 402653188 SURFACE 603979797; BC ignored. More details in the Atena .err file.

(x)    CCFEModelExc: CCPardiso solver error: zero pivot, numerical factorization or iterative refinement problem, (possibly in equation: 0, node: 0, dof 0) in phase 33.