Topic: Cyclic Loading Atena

Dears Atena,

My name is Ingrid.
I'm doing one fram with two bays model with one cycle load (Bidimensional 2D). But i have few questions about it.

1) How can i defined the parameter tension stiffening (concrete), i read in any papers that the deffault (Model code) is 0,4. But, there are any equation for modified or how can i define this value?

2) How could define the value unloading factor (concrete)?. I didn't find many information for unsderstand this value...

3) My model have one cyclic load. So, i modelled the stirrups and longitudinal steel like CCCyclingReinforcement, but i woulk like know how can i determine the values R, c1 and c2 from Menengotto-Pinto...?


Re: Cyclic Loading Atena

Dear Ingrid,
I. it is not clear from your question if you have already seen ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.2.26 How can I model cyclic or fatigue loading? and 3.1.1 How to apply cyclic load?

I would also recommend 2.2.18 My analysis results do not match the experiment/expectations. How can I improve my model?

Ad 1.: Yes, the 40% from EC are quite high, see also for example

To set this (and see a figure explaining its meaning), please see the Tensile tab of the Material dialog for any material model from the NLCem family.

Ad 2.: Please see the corresponding help bubble in the material dialog (if you are using the ATENA-GiD user interface of ATENA Science). In short, disabled or 0 means unloading towards origin, and the limit when getting close to 1 corresponds to unloading parallel to the initial (elastic) response.

Ad 3.: If you do not have cyclic measurements for the particular material used for your reinforcement, you should find some publications for similar materials, and set the cyclic parameters to approximate the measured response under cyclic loading.

If you still have problems/questions, you can follow Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 to send us your model etc.