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Topic: Atena-3D-Interface

hey everyone,

I have tried to modelling a compression contact between two columns with interface
i get serviral errors
that CC3DInterface" is not permited for Element Type: Line, Triangle, Quad, Tetrahedron, Poin

the process was:
1-Gemoetry -Creat-Contact-volum >>>>and i selceted all surfaces to be conected
2- assign a metrial for this surfaces with interface using CC3d since my modell is 3d Proplem

the contact area like below

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I1fHWF … sp=sharing

thank you very much

Re: Atena-3D-Interface

you need to define interface material to a "volume" which is actually of zero height. try to check example models which are stored at your local disk by default. and do not define interface to a surface in 3D model!!! (interface can be defined to a surface in 2D only, but the surface is again of zero area just like a bar).

also if you are sure that contact is fully compressed you would better use simple Master Slave instead.

Re: Atena-3D-Interface

Thank you ver much for your response !

is there any video how can i modelling the Example "Interface failure test (NGAP) 3D"

becous i want to know how can i make the interface volume (with zero ) between two columns_ ?

schuld i duplicate the surfaces two times and selct all of them to creat a volume?

Re: Atena-3D-Interface

Dear e11728311,
please follow the instructions from ATENA-GiD User's, 5.3.6 Interface Material.

If you seek help with your particular modelling, you can follow Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 to send us your model along with information about what you are modelling.


Re: Atena-3D-Interface

And I advice you to think twice whether you really need an interface or MS would be enough. I recommend to avoid interfaces whenever it is possible. If you share your physical model description I could advice you what is the best way to stimulate its behavior.

However, if you model interfaces you would better combine column segments into one along its length.

Speaking frankly, interface modeling is quite tricky procedure and I couldn't learn it when I had such problem 2 years ago. I learnt only at the seminar in Prague. We can arrange a Skype call and I will show you very fast on your example.