Topic: Atena Dynamic - CC2DInterface Elements and Damping Regression


I have two questions about Atena Dynamic:

1.- Does Atena Dynamic support all material types? Specifically does it support Interface element?

I'm asking because I transformed an Atena Static model with CC2DInterface elements to Atena Dynamic. In the Static model, after loading reaches the maximum interface shear stress at the nearest element, delamination propagated maintaining the load level. However in Atena Dynamic the model crashed immediately after the maximum interface shear stress is reached at the nearest element. What could be the problem?

For the Dynamic model I used very small time steps of 0.0004 second because I found the first natural frequency ω was 8432 1/s and used the recommendations of the Theory manual for time step size.

2.- How can I enter a Rayleigh regression damping values (omega, ksi, weight) directly into the Input file?

I'm using GiD version 15.0 however in the Problem Data window I can only enter the damping mass coefficient and damping stiffness coefficient and I cannot use the alternative of damping regression.

Thank you very much,

José Jiménez

Re: Atena Dynamic - CC2DInterface Elements and Damping Regression

1. Interface material should be also supported in Dynamic module. Could you please send us your model? to

2. To define damping factors using the Rayleigh regression value, go to Problem Data/ Time and Dynamic and then unchecked the box called as "Damping by Coefficient".