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I am creating a random field with SARA for a plane stress beam model with 998 nodes. Generating the random field data for a single simulation takes about 20min. Is that expected? What Sampling type or Simulated annealing properties could be changed to reduce the generation time? Do the dx, dy and dz variables affect calculation time?

Re: Random Field Generation Time

Hi benwor,

can you clarify how many variables did you use for your analysis?

For the examples included in the installation (ShearBeam3D_randomVariables and ShearBeam3D_field), the time of the generation is approximately 2 minutes. How long does it take on your computer?

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Re: Random Field Generation Time

Hi JiriRymes,

I can't seem to find the example files you mention. The folder \ATENA Examples\SARA is blank. Is there somewhere I could download them?