Topic: Monitor for steel strain

Hello, I was developing my beam model, which is a rebar -reinforced 4 point bending beam and I only model half span condition of the beam. So I was trying to measure the steel strain of the steel rebar at the mid span of the beam, but after running the analysis in atenastudio, the software didn't showed any result for the steel strain. The monitor for point I used is the strain and x direction. Anyone know what's wrong with that?


Re: Monitor for steel strain

Can you share some screenshots from the pre-processor where you define the monitor and from the post-processor?

Re: Monitor for steel strain

Is your monitor in the first interval, is it monitor for reinforcement ?

Anyway can you please send your model to to check what is your mistake .


Re: Monitor for steel strain

Hi, actually, the monitor for point nearest IP node is working, but the monitor for point only is not. Is it the correct way to get the result?
here is the link for my model: … share_link