Topic: Pull-out test


I model the same model used in the webinar
the reinforcement is a one-dimensional linear unit, bond law by CEB FIB model code 2010, when the anchorage length reaches 10D or more (D is the diameter of the reinforcement), the reinforcement yields from the loaded end to penetrate into the bonded segment and develop towards the free end. Can the bond law of GID take into account the steel strain?

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Re: Pull-out test

  Reference fib MC2010 Section Influence of yielding of reinforcement.
  if yielding of reinforcement occurs along the embedment length. the corresponding reduction of the bond stress is given by the factor Ωy.

  How do I take the effect of this factor into account in the GID? The steel one-dimensional line cell does not seem to be able to take this factor into account.

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