Topic: getting the reaction of prescribe displacement

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At first  thank to all of you, Mr. Dopromil help me a lot
I have a column that is connected between 2 beams. I am Applying axial load to the top surface of the top beam and prescribe deformation to the right surface of the top beam.
I want to get the diagram for lateral load and lateral displacement. Question:

1-for getting diagram should I use monitoring point or I can get the result by nodes in post-processing and output text?

2-my support is in the bottom surface of the bottom beam. For getting the reaction of prescribing deformation which is applying to the top beam what should I do? I see the book example that applies prescribe displacement and gets the reaction of the that by monitoring exactly the node that applies prescribe deformation but why? when the node is the same what is the use? I want to get the reaction of my prescribe deformation in the monitoring point which is in the bottom beam of the bottom surface. Is it true?

3- instead of putting support to the bottom beam as surface, since I want to monitor the prescribed displacement and axial load, Should I define steel plate and put support as some nodes on that and monitor only them for my prescribed displacement and axial load?

4-should I use a steel plate for the place that I am applying axial load and prescribe displacement too? I am applying these 2 loads on the surface and my support is in the nodes since I do not know how can I get the reaction.

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Re: getting the reaction of prescribe displacement

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