Topic: Unrealistic results from Atena 2D.


I am a master's student who is writing my master thesis at a company which is a customer of Cervenka Consulting.

I am doing very simple modeling in Atena 2D that is almost like the 2D tutorial. I am comparing failure shear force of simply supported prestressed concrete beams from Atena 2D with experiments done in reality. The results from Atena 2D is unrealistic, the results differ from 25 percent up to 88 percent! I mean Atena 2D gives me the result that a simply supported prestressed concrete beam with the length 6 m, height 0.4 m, and with 0.24 m can only resist 24kN...

I have been busy with Athena 2D for about three weeks to find my mistakes, however without any success. So I wonder if anyone has experience with prestressed concrete beams in Atena 2D and can tell me what the most common mistakes are or if you have some recommendations?

I appreciate all kind of answers, thank you very much! smile

Re: Unrealistic results from Atena 2D.

ATENA (and any non linear simulation software) is quite complicated tool and no one can give you an answer about your results without description of the experiment and numerical simulation settings.

You can share you model or ask some more particular questions, e.g. about defining prestress force or concrete properties. By the way, I would highly recommend you to use GiD + Atena Science instead of ATENA 2D.