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what does this error means and how can it be fixed ( Iter       Eta   Disp.Err  Resid.Err  Res.Abs.E  Energy E. (NR)
Iter       Eta     Unbal. Energy Ratio: Current   Required (LS))

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This seems not an error rather than a header of the output window. Can you give more information or give a link to your model?

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thanks for your reply, here is a link for the modell … sp=sharing

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Hi Abdullah,

Sorry for the long reply. The problem is that your model is unstable. You have to define fixed contacts between steel plates and concrete, between precast and cast in place concrete. Alternatively, you can make consistent mesh.

ATENA-Science-GiD_Tutorial 4.1 - for fixed contacts
ATENA-Science-GiD_Tutorial 3.6 - for mesh settings

Re: Error by the Analyse

by the way, your error is

(Thread 1) CCFEModelExc: CCPardiso solver error: zero pivot, numerical factorization or iterative refinement problem, (possibly in equation: -3, node: 7677, dof 3) in phase 23.

It can be seen in Message section in ATENA Science.

You can refer to ATENA-Troubleshooting for details:

First of all, look at the model in a step before the message occurs. Investigate anything
unusual - is there a support missing? ...
Typical problem sources are badly supported or wrongly connected structure
(mechanism), an element of [numerically] zero volume (please check the mesh),
problematic material settings (e.g., interface properties, wrong magnitude of elastic
modulus, ...), or similar.