Topic: Soil body force in ATENA3D

Hi im doing project about tunnel under soil level .

My question is which run step/deflection that body force of soil is full apply to tunnel .

Re: Soil body force in ATENA3D

What do you mean by "which step"? You define the steps and decide where to apply.
Have you checked sample models TunnelWithConstructionProcess and Tunnel3DWithConstructionProcess?

It would be more informative if you give a description of a real project and we could advise you how to convert the construction sequence into calculation steps.

Re: Soil body force in ATENA3D

Model in ATENA3D above of tunnel line is soil (drucker-prager model and apply body force on it )

Point of my project is deflection at specific point on tunnel line.

I need to know about what step that body force full apply to tunnel.

project file : … sp=sharing

Re: Soil body force in ATENA3D

I have checked your model. You just linearly increase the self weight of the soil and concrete structure. This is not possible in reality.

You have to create steps which correspond to real construction sequence. You question is not about modeling rules, it is about your inputs which only you have. If your tunnel is being built in a trench, then you have to define 1st step concrete tunnel only and 2nd step - soil weight. If the tunnel is being built by underground excavation, then I would define first step soil only, then concrete, then excavation. It is all about your inputs.

And some more tips for you:

1) GiD + ATENA Science better fits your needs
2) 2D approximation seems ok for your problem while 2D model is much easier to do
3) check sample models which I mentioned before