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Topic: Mesh definition for lines (CFRP reinforcement)

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to mesh my reinforcements (CFRP lines). Because every time I tend to analyze the model I will receive the error shown in pic 1. I think it's because my lines are not included in the mesh as shown in pic2 and 3. I have followed the steps in section and I couldn't find the option line in (element type - linear - line) there was only surface and volume, as shown in pic 4.

Moreover, I tried to assign an Identification node reinfocements, but GID will select the whole line instead of a node only. which is probably due to the mesh.

A genuine question, In transport analysis, how do I exactly connect my reinforcements to the concrete, is it through the Identification element reinforcements?, and how do I define CFRP material?, because there is only steel and concrete.

Pictures - https://ibb.co/dDWv1j3

Any suggestions?


Re: Mesh definition for lines (CFRP reinforcement)

Hello Hamzeh,

Actually, reinforcement elements are not supported in the Transport module at this moment. You can use only 2D elements (in 2D calculations) or 3D elements.

However, if you apply the transport results in the Static module, you can apply the temperature data to reinforcement by selecting the "Apply temperature to reinforcement" option in the interval settings. This is useful for example in the model with temperature-dependent materials or for temperature-dependent bond behaviour (since version 5.9.0).