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"Volume number 1 cannot be meshed with the assigned element type, unstructured volumes can only be meshed with tetrahedra, points or sphere elements."
Volume number 1 is a cylinder of 150mm dia 150mm height, with 20mm dia x 50mm high holes , one at top and at bottom. I tried structured line with 16 divisions and 0.05 mesh size. I am trying to model pullout test.
can anyone help me?

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Re: unable to mesh cylinder

Are you using GiD?
Structured type can only be assigned to a 6-side prism.
You have to use semi-structured instead.

Also you can check GiD forum for such kind of problems.

Re: unable to mesh cylinder

Thank you.
Yes, I am using GiD.
I will search in GiD forum.

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Re: unable to mesh cylinder

Also you can share your model and I can record a video how to make unstructured mesh

Re: unable to mesh cylinder

If you have cylinder volume and you need to be structured with Hexahedra, you need to have 6 surfaces 1top,1bottom, and 4 sides so divide your side surfaces
If you need help send us your model to


Re: unable to mesh cylinder

Dear Pavlo and Mohmad
Followed the suggestion, I could mesh the cylinder with holes. Thanks.
While running analysis I got the following message. ,

Error in command ElemsMatProp
Error in base file 'C:/Program Files/GiD/GiD 14.0/problemtypes/Atena/Execute/../include.src.bas/Write_Clasic_Bar_Element.bas' at line number 10: Error into an *if expression

When I searched in forum, I noticed, Pavlo faced similar problem.

How should I correct. My reinforcement bar does not have contact with concrete when it runs through holes. Is it the reason?
Can you / anyone help.
Thank you