Topic: contact volume

Hello Atena users,

I have a concrete beam that is supported with a
UHPC Textile layer. I connected the two parts with
a contact volume. In reality the contact breake,
but in Atena it doesn't. I already reduced the tensile strength,
but in no case the contact volume breaks.
What can I do?

Thank you very much!


Re: contact volume

Dear m.graggaber,

Have you defined an interface?

Best regards,

Re: contact volume

Dear Hamed,

yes I did it with the rules in the manual.


Re: contact volume

How did you determine the bond slip law for FRP reinforcement? There is no standard laws like for steel reinforcement bars. Did you perform any tests for studying bond laws in particular?

I would recommend you to read ACI 447.1R-18 (ATENA is mentioned in the report among other software) and fib ModelCode 2010. This might help.

Also Cervenka Consulting general recommendation is to model FRP reinforcement as bar elements rather than shell or solid.