Topic: Delete reinforcement on construction process


I have a model with shear anchors between concrete and a FRP sheet. I would like to eliminate one anchor along the analysis.

I tried with some construction process conditions:

   -   I used condition "Element activity for line" to delete the anchor, but it didn't seem to have any effect
   -   I used condition  "Reinforcement inactivity in line" changin the material for the anchor to another with a reduced modulus of elasticity, but it also seem to have no effect.
   -   I used condition  "Reinforcement inactivity in line" making the anchor inactive, but it gave me an error message
   -   I used the "Show Material Activity" at the interval section, but it told me to only use this technique for macroelements and not for line elements.

What could be a better approach to eliminate an specific reinforcement line along the analysis? Could you please tell me the steps I need to follow to eliminate on specific line element in the middle of the analysis?

I send you my model to

Thanks a lot

Re: Delete reinforcement on construction process


Hope it is not too late. If the anchor is modeled as 1D bar, then 3rd option is the correct one. Please copy the error text here.

I would also recommend to check Construction process Tutorial.