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I am wondering if it is possible to create a batch file for running several modells in a row for example over the night?

This would help a lot for example for a parametric study.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Dear Sizi,

Usually you can run all together just modify the number of threads in problem data
or you can make batch file for sure : more info please see (ATENA_input_file) Section  2 PROGRAM EXECUTION


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Dear sizi,
you may also be interested in our stochastic package, SARA.


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There is a problem if I don't use the scientific format in the input file?

Can the ATENA still read correctly the values of parameters E, Ft, GF, FCO, and EPSCP as shown in the following example?

TYPE "CC3DNonLinCementitious2"
  E     44717.21
  MU     2.000000e-01
  RHO     2.300000e-03
  ALPHA     1.200000e-05
  FT     4.8809
  FC    -8.997226e+01
  GF     0.00016408
  WD    -5.000000e-04
  EXC     5.100000e-01
  BETA     0.000000e+00       
  FC0    -10.2499
  EPS_CP    -0.00088769
  FIXED     1.000000e+00

This information is important for my analysis, if the program can't read it, I'll need to correct the number format in my code that generates code for input files.



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Yes it can read these formats,
In case you have any problem please send the input file to