Topic: Error: CCInpFExc


I want to simulate the stresses and cracks resulting from mass concrete's hydration heat.

I have already run the Transient calculation fine.

However, even if I try to run the Creep or Static simulation by importing the temperature data, the calculation always gives the following error message:

"(Thread 1) CCInpFExc: Attempt to refer to non-loaded module CCStructuresCreep., line: 44, file: F:\1_VEM\atena_hydration\large_block\20_24\lb_model_20_24_creep.gid\AtenaCalculation\lb_model_20_24_creep.inp, data being processed:

TASK name "lb_model_20_24_creep"

Source line: 4199, file: E:\592_AtenaV592_2023\Sources\CCFEModel\process_atena_format.cpp, last modified at: Thu Nov  2 11:32:31 2023"

I've searched for the meaning of this error message in the ATENA documents, but I couldn't find a solution.

Has anyone had this error?
Has anyone found a solution?

I appreciate your help

Re: Error: CCInpFExc

Hello Viktor, this error means that the appropriate module for creep analysis was not loaded. This is typically done by adding the following keyword /M CCStructuresCreep when starting ATENA for instance by AtenaConsole. Normally this is done automatically if you start ATENA directly from GiD. The question is how are you executing ATENA? Try to add this command when starting ATENA. It should look something like this:

%AtenaStudio64% /M CCStructuresCreep /execute /catch_fp_instructs /o /inp "file_name.inp"