Topic: Monitoring points results-Displacement

I am analysing a masonry Arch bridge which is a 2D Model. It was imported as dxf file in GID. To monitor displacement in Arch I have defined monitoring points in Mesh. There are 39 Monitoring points. When I analyse the bridge without load I got displacement in x and y direction which were greater then the displacement when bridge was loaded.So when I analyse bridge withou load the displacement are larger. When I analyse the bridge with load the displacement are small.  For eg. Unloaded Bridge x=13.01mm and y=0.6554mm, For Loaded one x=0.1016mm and y= 0.4379mm. I donot know why. Can anybody let me know where might be my mistake? or what is the reason?

Re: Monitoring points results-Displacement

Hello, this is difficult to answer based on the brief explanation in your post. I do not understand when you say that before the load application there is some deformation? If there is no load, there should be no deformation. Or do you mean the deformation by only dead load? Withou seeing the details of the model it is anyway difficult to give any advice. Please send your model and the description to our hotline