61 Lond-term analysis

by majid_1277

65 Coding für Atena

by Franke

69 Problem when running

by gravity.mahardika

70 High initial stiffness

by karim.attia.1

72 Maximum stress

by nhatnguyen1001

74 Sending my model to be checked

by engomargouda

77 Anisotropic CFRP

by o.mosig

80 The meaning of iterations

by engomargouda

81 Driver ATENA WR421/1

by asfeiza

84 Saving step results

by ameer.marzok

86 export data from cuts

by minafogiovanni

87 prestressing for CFRP laminates

by engomargouda

88 Tension stiffening

by samuelhanna93

89 Modelling of slab

by Jaspreet kaur